Nicos Trimikliniotis and Corina Demetriou: The interaction between racist discourse and the rise in racial violence

ll studies converge on the assumption that migrants in Cyprus have zero political activity. The Migrant Integration Policy Index (MIPEX), which locates Cyprus in a generally unfavourableintegration position, provides a point of departure and comparison across the EU: Cyprus is only one out of five EU member states where the majority of non-nationals are from other EU countries; only 5.7% of the total population originates from outside the EU. Asylum seekers and international students make up a large part of the immigration flows. Legislative developments have been restricted to the delayed transposition of the EC Directives on family reunion and long-term residence, as well as some minor amendments to the laws transposing the two anti-discrimination Directives, in order to bring the transposing legislation in line with the equality acquis. The study analyzes the areas in which Cyprus fares well in comparison to other EU countries and where it is “weak”…

There are many reasons for the non-integration, non-participation and exclusion of migrants, most of which are related to the stringent conditions of work and residence and the unfavourable immigration regime…

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