Into the Fire – new documentary about the hidden victims of austerity in Greece

2 April 2013

Greece is in crisis. But the economic crisis is not the only one. An asylum crisis has gripped the country at this time of severe austerity. Refugees and migrants, including minors, suffer greatly and are often victimised by racist attacks after fleeing their countries to find safety. 

The documentary Into the Fire shows how they are trapped in Greece, how police forces side with the right wing extremist group Golden Dawn and systematically hunt down and beat up migrants. But it also gives a voice to those groups and citizens in Greece who resist these developments such as Doctors of the World who provide them with medical care and the anti-fascist movement.

The filmmakers are Guy Smallman, a photojournalist who has previous work experience in Europe, South Asia and the Middle East and Kate Mara, a film production freelancer who specialises in participatory community media and documentary.

Into the Fire is crowd-sourced and crowd-released. Therefore, it is freely available online and users are encouraged to share and embed it into their websites, blogs or tweets. Into the Fire is available with subtitles in Albanian, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Italian and Spanish.

Watch Into the Fire:

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