Global Forum on Migration & Development / Stockholm Agenda

Civil Society Stockholm Agenda

A well-attended morning session during the GFMD civil society days 2014

Since the High Level Dialogue in 2013, 40+ organizations and a special “push group” have worked to consolidate recommendations that civil society has made since 2011 in several forums. At the 2014 Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) last May, this work was discussed among the several hundred civil society organizations and networks that attended.

The result was strong convergence to move ahead with a civil society framework and set of rights-based goals and targets that connect migrants, diaspora and migration with human and economic development.

Civil society’s Stockholm Agenda reflects that convergence. Within a framework for development that is decent, sustainable and transformative, the goals and targets of the Agenda bring together the issues with widest agreement in civil society to date. Measurable indicators for all of the targets are being developed separately.

In a few months, the Agenda has garnered support from over 300 civil society organizations world wide.

The Civil Society Stockholm Agenda is available to read in the following languages: Englishfrançaisespañol.

Check out the Civil Society Stockholm Agenda signatories.


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