Call for articles – Dossier #1 / Minor Literature(s)

Immigration, mobility, displacement: key words to understand our contemporary moment. Terms that are generally considered in incomplete and unidirectional ways (isolated centripetal movements — migrants versus expats), around utilitarian statistical tugs-of-war, demonised or turned into the name of an anodyne liberal pastime where multiculti is OK as long as they produce exotic cuisine, pay their taxes, and don’t flock at the gates. They account both for our experiences in a constantly shrinking world and they feed into the political discourse of readily replicated right wing populism.

Immigration, mobility, displacement: words that need to be understood and resignified from their everyday ab/use as smokescreens into the complex — ineludible — processes they are.

We invite writers, filmmakers, artists, photographers, any practitioner or creative theorist, to consider how these words — and these modes of being — have determined your creative work and/or give form to your life. We invite you to own these words, to reshape them from empty signifiers into vessels for understanding and thinking. The alternative is leaving the work of inscribing them with meaning to the many knuckle-dragging “demons knocking at the door” (Kafka).

The spectrum of the possible is wide and open and the rules are simple: submit your original entry here, indicating “Dossier #1” in your email subject. The deadline for submissions is 31.01.2015. The dossier will be published during the month of March 2015, both on the magazine’s front page and as a downloadable PDF.

We look forward to your contribution.


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