Where Local meets Global: Welcome to the Global Diversity And Migraction Exchange /

Cities of Migration has a new home. The Global Diversity and Migration Exchange is a new ‘think and do’ tank at Ryerson University set to advance the integration and inclusion of immigrants and minorities by connecting local issues to a global agenda for change.

Ratna Omidvar, the founding Executive Director of the new Global Diversity and Migration Exchange (GDMX) at Ryerson’s Diversity Institute, said: “This is a brilliant opportunity to take ideas to scale, to connect leaders to local solutions and policy innovations that strengthen integration and inclusion; to connect local to global and global to local; and prepare a new generation for the hyper diversity of our increasingly urban world.”

Founded by Maytree, the Global Diversity and Migration Exchange will connect local and global leaders and leading ideas on migration, integration, diversity and inclusion through research, policy analysis and the sharing of best practices. It will also scale up the most successful of Maytree’s investments in this field, namely Cities of Migration, DiverseCity onBoard and HireImmigrants to make them dynamic national and international platforms of engagement and inclusion.

For Cities of Migration, it also means embracing the university’s entrepreneurial culture, knowledge hubs and extensive networks to work in new and interesting ways to promote social innovation and smart solutions that can make our cities, institutions and urban communities more open, inclusive and prosperous.”

Link: http://citiesofmigration.ca/ezine_stories/where-local-meets-global-welcome-to-the-global-diversity-and-migration-exchange-ryerson-university/


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