Photo competition / BEUTICEN


Photo competition

Welcome Migrants!
The first photography competition of the research network Barriers for EU citizenship (bEUcitizen) looks for images that reflect a contested and politically sensitive ‘Welcome migrants’.
The European Union is celebrated and disguised for its free trade of people, services and goods, and for presumably prioritizing this trade above setting the conditions for those who move and those who stay. The financial and economic crisis in combination with skewed wage and protection systems seduced or forced many Europeans to migrate. From the periphery of Europe many (young) unemployed migrated to the core countries to find – temporary – jobs; Spanish, Irish, Greek, Italian, Albanian, Romanian and even young Swedes migrated looking for work elsewhere. The core countries on their turn set stricter criteria; they prefer care workers (due to their ageing population) and knowledge workers only, and by doing so they undermine the social fabric of the countries in the EU periphery.
We are particularly looking for barriers that Europeans ‘on the move’ face. What obstacles do they encounter in leaving their home country as well in finding their way in the arriving country. What does the right to free trade of people actually means, is this just ‘trade’ or are other aspects of human and social rights also meaningful? How are they received in the country they live and work in?
Barriers can be anything from perception, borders, acceptance, procedural or judicial. You are free to imagine any barrier a migrant may have to face. We are open for abstract or symbolic images of this, but entries are expected to be high in quality (meaning strong composition and imagery).
To take part in the competition, send your photo (including title and short description (100 words or less)) before October 31 2014 to . By emailing your entry to this address, you accept the Terms and Conditions of the photo competition.


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