“VISA PAGES” – U.S. TEMPORARY FOREIGN WORKER VISAS / Global Workers Justice Alliance

“Visa Pages” is a one-stop resource to find comprehensive information about the various non-immigrant visas U.S. employers use to bring temporary foreign workers from all over the world to work in the U.S.
Each page contains detailed information summarizing key points of each visa, its history, the hiring process, data, basic regulatory scheme, enforcement mechanisms and challenges in seeking portable justice for migrant workers. The intention is to leave each page with a understanding and perspective on the interplay of temporary worker programs in the U.S.
Global Workers undertook this project in conjunction with its groundbreaking report, Visas, Inc.: Corporate Control and Policy Incoherence in the Temporary Labor System. These pages cover the following select non-immigrant visas (click on each visa type to be directed to its page):

List of occupations pertaining to each visa type is representative only. Data in this graphic is based upon 2012 information. See U.S. Department of State, Nonimmigrant Visa Statistics: Nonimmigrant Visas by Individual Class of Admission,  Nonimmigrant Visa Spreadsheet NY 97-12 (attach) available athttp://www.travel.state.gov/visa/statistics/nivstats/nivstats_4582.html. 

Cross Visa Charts

Duration and Path to Legal Permanent ResidencyJob PortabilityU.S. Worker Recruitment, Wages, and Taxes; and, Data Collection


In May 2012, Global Workers published Visas, Inc.: Corporate Control and Policy Incoherence in the Temporary Labor System. Visas, Inc. took a panoramic approach in examining temporary work visas. The findings revealed a fragmented system that lacks transparency and government oversight, resulting in abuse of both foreign and U.S workers.  Indeed, U.S. immigration policy has moved away from its roots in permanent labor migration and embraced, for better or worse, the utterly chaotic, constantly metastasizing temporary worker visa program.  Rather than developing a coherent, unitary system, the U.S. has responded piecemeal to employer demands and created a patchwork of visas subject to distinct rules.
Global Workers believes that future reform must happen holistically, if abuse and misuse are to be reined in, with the recognition that these individual visas constitute a de facto temporary foreign labor system. With the launch of these Visa Pages, Global Workers is endeavoring to continue to add information and perspective to the major non-immigrant work visas highlighted in Visas, Inc. 

Effect of Immigration Reform pending in Congress

Comprehensive Immigration Reform efforts are underway in the U.S Congress. However, no immigration reform proposal has yet been signed into law. Several of the proposed bills, if passed, have the potential to profoundly impact some of the temporary work visa schemes highlighted here, and to add new work visas in the mix. Others of the work visas here are not part of the current debate. Global Workers is monitoring the developments and centering efforts on 5 Key Points for Foreign Worker Visa Reform.  If immigration reform moves beyond debate and becomes law the Visa Pages will be updated accordingly.  Meanwhile, the Visa Pages serve as a key reference and point of comparison as proposals work their way through Congress.
Visa Pages content neither contains nor constitutes legal advice.  Immigration law is a complicated area riddled with detail and exceptions.  Its practice necessarily depends on an experienced attorney knowledgeable about the particulars of each situation.  Global Workers encourages workers who have questions about their employment and civil rights to contact a lawyer to give counsel appropriate for the facts and jurisdiction in each case.

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