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he Migration Policy Centre (MPC) is delighted to present you its new Blog entry:

On the Anti-Politics of Anti-Trafficking
by Neil Howard, Marie Curie Fellow at the MPC

Arguably, in Europe as elsewhere, ‘trafficking’ is still commonly understood as being about nasty, frequently male criminals who capture and enslave innocent women and children, usually for sex. The way the anti-trafficking field ‘deals’ with trafficking reflects these representations. Though there have been some advances, the dominant policy emphasis is still on getting the right laws passed, on ramping up prosecutions, on strengthening borders, and on ‘raising awareness’ by telling potential migrants that migrating is a bad idea because it could leave them vulnerable to traffickers. What has been the result of all this? Why is discourse so reductive and policy so ineffective? What are possible alternatives?

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Also you can find this new publication:

The political participation of immigrants in host countries: An interpretative framework from the perspective of origin countries and societies by Ricard Zapata-Barrero, Lorenzo Gabrielli, Elena Sánchez-Montijano, Thibaut Jaulin (2013).

Download the full text: INTERACT-RR-2013-07

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