The time for old promises is over. “It’s time” for President Obama to Use His Executive Authority to Stop Deportations / NALACC

 The time for old promises is over. “It’s time” for President Obama to Use His Executive Authority to Stop Deportations. 

Chicago, IL – In the State of the Union Address delivered this evening, President Obama stated his intent to use his executive authority to address critical policy areas where positive changes are urgently needed, and where the Congress has failed to produce results. President Obama pointed to many such areas, including raising the minimum wage, environmental protection, small business development, job creation, student loans, and gender equality in the workplace.

We welcome and encourage the initiative the President has indicated he will take to use his executive authority to improve the life of millions of people. It is heartening to see the president take action on issues related to basic equity and opportunity, particularly in the absence of Congressional action.

However, on the question of immigration, the President’s words were essentially a repetition of what he has said in every State of the Union address since he took office. The President speaks movingly about the importance of immigration reform, but his Administration has detained and deported unprecedented numbers of immigrants. On this issue, President Obama must do more than repeat the exhortation to Congress to “get it done.”

Immigrant families cannot afford to wait for another round of legislative grandstanding. With families being torn apart at the rhythm of more than 1,000 deportations per day, the time has come for President Obama to use his executive authority on this issue as well. The National Alliance of Latin American and Caribbean Communities (NALACC) calls on President Obama to take immediate action to provide relief to the millions of people whose only infraction to the law is to reside in the United States without immigration authorization.

“Immigration reform legislation is still urgently needed, and our communities will work tirelessly with policymakers from both political parties to move toward common-sense, humane migration policies,” said Claudia Lucero, President of NALACC. “But immigrant families are suffering every day, and we need President Obama to take action now to stop deportations and detentions,” she added.

We take President Obama at his word and share his ambition to make this country as strong as “ the strength of our work ethic, and the scope of our dreams.” We call on him to make it possible for hardworking immigrants to achieve their dreams of becoming full, open participants in our country.

NALACC is a network of community-based; Latino and Caribbean immigrant-led organizations that seeks to raise the quality of life for immigrant communities in the United States, as well as communities in migrant-sending countries in Latin America. Facebook: • Twitter: @NALACC_ORG • Web page:


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