Migration Outlook Mexico July 2013 informe de BBVA

The publication Mexico Migration Outlook is a joint project of
BBVA Bancomer Foundation and Mexico Economic Research Department of
BBVA Research, which seeks to provide new contributions every six months
in the field of Migration studies in order to have a better understanding of this
important social movement.

􀁳􀀁 Mexico falls from 3rd to 4th place in receipt of remittances, behind
China, India and, from 2012 on, the Philippines
􀁳􀀁 Remittances inflows to Mexico have slowed, but to Central
America have grown: this is due to a number of structural and
temporary factors
􀁳􀀁 Between 5.4 and 6.8 million unauthorized Mexican immigrants
in the US hope to be have their status regularized through the
immigration reform
􀁳􀀁 Mexico at a new stage in its migration history: The period
of incompatibility between US labor demand and Mexican
immigrants supply


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