El Intituto Mora videotransmitirá el 9 de abril de 2013 el siguiente seminario (ver abajo), donde los asistentes podrán establecer contacto con los ponentes y el público en general. 


The November 2012 elections sent a clear message to the White House and Congress: The time for immigration reform is now. Democrats and Republicans have now largely agreed on the need for change. The fate of immigration reform, however, revolves around specific issues that include the changing demographics of the nation, the state of the economy and the American labor force, border security, the presence of millions of undocumented migrants throughout the country, and the political obstacles to be overcome in the finer details of the future law. The conference “Immigration Reform: A System for the 21st Century” will bring together leading U.S. immigration experts as well as key public policy and political figures involved in this debate to discuss issues and solutions to these crucial questions surrounding immigration reform today.

Support for the Latin America Initiative immigration research project was generously provided by the Ray C. Fish Foundation.

This event is free and open to the public. Join us at this event to lend your voice to an issue that will affect generations to come.

Check back for updates on discussion topics and featured speakers.

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