A better Life y Demián Bichir como nominado

Last night, the Academy nominated Demián Bichir for best leading actor for his role as a day laborer in the movie, A Better Life.

While the Republican debates demonize humble workers and take up the mantle of xenophobia, the film works to humanize those in our communities who go to enormous lengths to make our lives easier, better, and happier.

The director, Chris Weitz (who also made the popular vampire series, Twilight), offers a new way to change the conversation and stop the hate. The movie transcends the scapegoating and shows a family struggling to make it, something we all can relate to.

When interviewed about the movie Bichir explains that the main character, Carlos Galindo, is a father who loves his son and would do anything to give his son a better life.  Unfortunately, such a simple universal truth, a parent’s love for our children, has become a political football whipping up new levels of intolerance.

If only our politicians listened to Bichir’s simple logic that “homeland security means knowing our neighbors.”

Thankfully films like A Better Life help us do just that.  The fact that the best actor nominees include a day laborer and a domestic worker should make politicians think twice.  Those who have gone as unsung heroes in our communities for years may now be getting their rightful praise on the silver screen. And with it, an audience of Americans who are ready to embrace instead of attack immigrant workers.

Next month we’ll be screening the film with Chris Weitz and Jose Julian during our 6th national assembly where we’ll celebrate our ten year anniversary of working to make a better life for day laborers and all workers.

Leading up to the assembly, will you let us know how immigrant workers and our movement for migrant worker rights has made your life better? Visit our Facebook page or share on twitter using #ABetterLife.

Together we can turn the tide,
Pablo Alvarado

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