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A left-right divide in European attitudes toward immigrants / The Washington Post

“Muslims gather for Friday prayers on the street outside the Mevlana Moschee mosque on a nationwide action day to protest against the Islamic State on Sept. 19 in Berlin. (Sean Gallup/Getty Images) Kim Yi Dionne: The following guest post is the first in a series this week on immigrant integration in Europe. Upcoming posts will continue the […]

Obama anuncia campaña nacional para promover la reforma migratoria / Aristegui Noticias

“El presidente de Estados Unidos, Barack Obama, anunció el jueves una campaña nacional de seis semanas para aumentar el apoyo a la reforma migratoria y reiteró su intención de dictar medidas ejecutivas de alivio en favor de millones de indocumentados. En la gala de la conferencia anual que organiza la fracción hispana del Congreso, el mandatario reclamó […]

The Failings of Family Detention at Artesia / American Immigration Council

By Dree Collopy, partner at Benach Ragland LLP. “The inhumanity of family detention and the danger of short-changing basic due process protections are on full display in the detention center in Artesia, New Mexico, where hundreds of women and children are being held by the U.S. government. The Washington Post reports this week on a tour they took […]

“Estados Unidos ha retrocedido en su política migratoria” / El País

“La CIDH realizó una gira para monitorear la situación de los menores no acompañados y familias que cruzan la frontera Un inmigrante viaja sobre en un tren en México hacia EE UU / REUTERS La Comisión Interamericana de Derechos Humanos (CIDH) aseguró este jueves que Estados Unidos está experimentando un “retroceso significativo” en su política migratoria, en […]

New Developments along Mexico’s Southern Border / WOLA

“Mexico’s Government Deploys Additional Forces and Requests Funds for Southern Border Program 1 Oct 2014 By Maureen Meyer and Clay Boggs, WOLA; and Rodolfo Córdova, Fundar, Research and Analysis Center Until this summer, very little attention was paid to the 714-mile border that the Mexican states of Chiapas, Tabasco, Campeche, and Quintana Roo share with Guatemala and Belize. But […]


In Tijuana the wall and the border are omnipresent facts — taken for granted, yet a physical and social presence in each resident’s life.  At the playa, going to the beach seems at first the same as anywhere.  Looking south along the sand families stand and sit in the sun and wade in the waves.  […]


“US President Barack Obama recently announced that he will not take any action to suspend the deportation of undocumented migrants until after the November election. On 6 September 2014, a White House official told the New York Times: “Because of the Republicans’ extreme politicization of this issue, the President believes it would be harmful to the […]


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