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Taming ‘The Beast’: Is Mexico About to Crack Down on the Migrant Train? / Fusion Beta

“OPINION Central American migrants trekking through Mexico to the United States have traditionally been unfazed by government policies, ad campaigns, and even politically commissioned jingles intended to deter people from making the journey north. That’s because people who think their lives or family’s wellbeing is on the line will risk everything to emigrate, regardless of whatever natural […]

El ambicioso Programa Especial de Migración 2014-2018 / Animal Político

“Por primera vez, México cuenta con un Programa Especial de Migración que pretende ser la base de una política de Estado en materia migratoria. Su creación es positiva, pero sus objetivos riñen con la realidad de un país que padece de instituciones insensibles, fracturadas y corruptas; que es incapaz de generar los recursos que necesita, […]

Política migratoria de Estado basada en el respeto a los derechos humanos /

“El jueves 5 de junio sesionó por quinta ocasión el Consejo Ciudadano del Instituto Nacional de Migración (CC-INM), que presido desde junio de 2013. Durante esta sesión fui electo, de nueva cuenta de manera unánime, para presidir por un segundo -y último- año dicho Consejo; con base en los lineamientos internos del CC-INM. Como lo […]

Behind the Scenes of Obama’s Sudden Immigration Reversal / The Atlantic

  President Obama discusses immigration reform in the Rose Garden on June 30. (Kevin Lamarque/Reuters)   “More than a dozen center-left and hard-left immigration groups sent representatives to what sounded like another uninspiring strategy session in the White House’s Roosevelt Room with senior Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett and Cecilia Munoz, head of the Domestic Policy […]

How Obama’s immigration push could hand the House to Democrats / The Week

“Everyone assumes that Republicans will easily hold the House in November. The dominant storyline among the chattering classes centers instead on the possibility that Republicans could seize control of the Senate from Democrats. But the rapidly escalating immigration face-off between President Barack Obama and House Republicans raises the possibility that Democrats could win back the […]

“Xenophobia bigger problem than migration” / Maastricht University

“Politicians stir up fears over migration and miss the mark with policy “It is time we learn to see migration as an intrinsic and therefore inevitable part of the broader processes of societal change and globalisation instead of a problem to be solved. Much conventional thinking about migration is based on myths rather than facts. […]

Obama seeks change to law that protects immigrant kids / USA Today

“As part of an effort to stem the flood of children caught trying to cross the nation’s southwest border, President Obama is trying to change a 2008 law that dictates how the federal government handles those immigrant children in order to speed up their deportations. Under that law, most of the unaccompanied minors being caught […]

Mr. Obama, Go Big on Immigration / The New York Times

“This week, President Obama finally declared his independence from a suffocating debate over immigration reform that Republicans in Congress had never seriously joined. After waiting too long for the obstructionists to move, Mr. Obama has freed himself to do what he can to fix the broken-down system. His powers are limited, of course. Only Congress can give […]


Esperando que hayan tenido un excelente día, les comunicamos que se redacto un texto con motivo de la visita del Secretario de Estado, John Kerry y el debate sobre la reforma migratoria.   Nuestra intención es difundirlo a través del correo ilustrado de La Jornada y espacios en redes sociales de quienes integramos esta campaña […]

Break the Immigration Impasse / The New York Times

  “AMERICAN citizens are paying 535 people to take care of the legislative needs of the country. We are getting shortchanged. Here’s an example: On June 10, an incumbent congressman in Virginia lost a primary election in which his opponent garnered only 36,105 votes. Immediately, many Washington legislators threw up their hands and declared that […]


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